Poster Presentations

English is the official language of ESMAC 2020 Virtual Meeting, therefore all presentations must be prepared and delivered in English.

To present a poster at the Virtual Meeting, presenters are required to prepare:

  1. Poster in PDF
  • Template: Please, for a poster presentation download the official ESMAC 2020 Virtual Meeting 4-page PowerPoint Template. You are required to follow the specified structure and instructions in the template and save this PowerPoint presentation to PDF document.
  • Size: the file size (MB) is not limited
  • Special notes: Please make sure that the content of your poster does not include anything that would be impossible on a printed poster, i.e. no animations and no videos.

People will be able to see and even download your poster presentation within two months after the meeting. We recognize that this is different from an in-person meeting, and we kindly ask presenters to make sure and include in their poster presentation information and data that are comfortable publishing or have consent to their display .

In case a presentation does not meet the specified conditions, the Scientific Committee reserves the right to not accept your presentation and ask you to edit it.


  1. Video presentation of the poster

Poster presenters are asked to provide a short accompanying video describing their poster.

  • Template: The three-minute video must be accompanied PowerPoint presentation of your poster mentioned in the previous point.
  • Length: The maximum length of your poster presentation is 3 minutes.
  • Format : Video File - PowerPoint presentation with commentaries will be uploaded using the Vimeo video platform that supports all standard video formats.
  • Step - by-step instructions how to capture your 3-minute video can be found here (for newer version of PowerPoint) or also here (for older version of PowerPoint).

Uploading poster presentations

Poster upload will begin on Monday, 24 August and your poster presentation must be submitted no later than Thursday, 3 September.