Vicon Motion Systems Ltd

Contact Person: Tina Holland
Phone: +44 1865 261800

Vicon delivers highly accurate 3D motion capture systems for use in gait analysis. Nearly 400 clinical gait labs world-wide use Vicon technology. Its flagship camera line, the Vicon Vantage, offers the highest resolution, frame rates and accuracy available, allowing detailed motion capture in almost any environment. Bonita is Vicon’s next generation camera, combining size, power, and price performance into one amazing solution.

Vicon was established in Oxford, UK, in 1984 and is now a subsidiary of the Oxford Metrics Group Plc. Some of Vicon’s global clients include: Liverpool John Moores University, University of Vienna; Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre; University of Brussels; Northumbria University; Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital; Katholieke Universiteit Leuven; Amsterdam Medical Centre; and Humboldt Universitat zu Berlin.

Vicon Satellite Symposium 17th September 9:45 – 10:15

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Qualisys AB

Contact Person: Helen H. Rydén
Phone: +46 703607225

Qualisys is a leading global provider of products and services based on optical motion capture. The core technology of Qualisys products has been developed in Sweden since 1989, with the experienced Qualisys staff creating a unique platform for optical motion capture, built to both medical and industrial standards. Our optical motion capture solution is used daily all over the world. It enables the capture of motion that would be difficult to measure in other ways, particularly within the Human biomechanics, Entertainment, and Industrial segments. Our offer comprises both hardware and software.

Qualisys Satellite Symposium 17th September 11:00 – 11:30

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Contact Person: Ignazio Aleo
Phone: +31 6 5252 77 33

Moveshelf is a secure and easy-to-use application for healthcare, sport and research organizations to professionalize and scale movement analysis workflows, effortlessly take informed decisions and run comparative and statistical analysis, powered by artificial intelligence and historical data.

Moveshelf is the first single application for all movement analysis, from 3D gait, to rehab and daily life monitoring and allows to easily create insights and share them, as secure link ready for any device. Moveshelf is scalable and GDPR compliant and adopts best practices and technoliges with respect to data security and protection and integrates with leading Enterprise IT systems

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AMTI Europe

Contact Person: Robert Sonntag
Phone: +49 7263 600 9003


AMTI’s industry-leading force platforms, sensors and instrumented treadmills are trusted by researchers and clinicians worldwide. Our innovative OPTIMA system revolutionizes multi-axis force measurement technology producing the most accurate force platforms on the market. Our smart platform technology and simple digital integration ensures the most accurate output in a convenient package.


Contact Person: Marie Elliott
Phone: 07985705251

Codamotion systems are popular at research and clinical facilities across a wide range of disciplines, a testament to our 30 years of experience; our systems are portable, accurate and cost effective. A Codamotion system on the International Space Station was specially designed to be smaller and lighter than the original terrestrial versions. Features and capabilities developed for this system are now standard throughout our product range.

Our vision is to enhance lives through movement analysis technology, by openly communicating with our users we build bespoke solutions, meeting the needs of the user to further research now and for the future.



Contact Person: Matteo Dellacorna
Phone: +39 02 91410582

Italian producer of wireless and waterproof EMG and IMU systems, with the smallest sensors on the market, the longest range and the shortest analog delay.



Contact Person: Frans Steenbrink
Phone: +1 (403) 266-6612

Motek is the global leader in virtual reality robotics for human movement research and rehabilitation, pioneering their technological advancement for over 20 years. Our products and technologies can be found in the most forward-thinking research facilities, hospitals and clinics.

We excel in building versatile instrumented treadmill-, balance platform- and body weight support-systems while ensuring highest data quality and synchronization.

Together, we will set future standards to maintain healthy and independent lifestyles for everyone.

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XSENSOR Technology Corporation

Contact Person: Bruce Malkinson
Phone: +1 (403) 266-6612

XSENSOR Technology Corporation is the industry leader in Intelligent Dynamic Sensing. We enable product designers, clinicians, researchers, sports industry professionals, and physical therapists to achieve the highest levels of comfort, safety, and performance.

For over 20 years, XSENSOR has set the standard for accurate sensors and image quality in software to visualize and analyze pressure data.

XSENSOR’s X4 Foot & Gait Measurement System provides the most accurate plantar pressure and gait data available in any test environment. With high-speed recording in compact, discreet on-shoe wireless electronics paired with durable high-resolution sensors, the X4 system offers ease-of-use and assurance of quality test data for biomechanics professionals.

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